Old Town Market Update


Market and Area Overview:

Old Town Park City


For the Rookie:

Old Town is the heart and sole of Park City.   It’s nucleolus is Historic Main Street, an inclined road lined with historic structures from the late 1800s after it burned to the ground in the latter part of that century.  Is now lined with Restaurants, Pubs, Art galleries


Not To Miss:

A show or concert at the Egyptian Theatre:

The most quaint venue of all the Sundance Film fest theatres, the Egyptian operates year round and hosts artists for all genre’s of music and the annual Park City Follies which is made up of a collage of locals thespians who make fun of the local politics. Personalities, and events that have shapes the year for this community.


Most intriguing:


The Tennis Shoe Tree

Not sure who the first person was to launch their tied tennis up and into the tree, but the legend is that as a new resident you are supposed to throw your old shoes into the tree in recognition of your old life and celebration of your new one as a “Parkite”.   Be careful not to take any runners or bikers out in the process!




Most convenient cardio fix:

The Sweeny Swithbacks are the quickest place to engage yourself, dog and friends in a run, hike or ride over looking Historic Park City.  The incredible trail system (courtesy of 1,000s of hours of volunteers and our irreplaceable Mountain Trails Foundation) provides over 400 miles of trails that can take you to everywhere from PC to Salt Lake City through Mill Creek or over the top to Brighton, Solitude, Alta or Snowbird.  Grab a Mountain Trails Map to chart your run, hike or adventure.


Human Habitat / Shelter

Shacks that once served as makeshift homes for Miners have all been rebuilt, replaced and refurbished into an incredibly quaint streetscape and are now highly sought after abodes.  Short term rental are allowed and for many young successful residents on their way and vacation homeowners the walkability, livability and easy access to the action found year round on Main Street are appealing.


What to expect:

The new miners shack is on average 2200 sq. feet in livable space, 3 bedrooms, 2 to 3 baths, three levels, with a 1 car garage.  The lots are typically 25 X 75 feet which allows for a small back yard with room for a bit of grass, a patio and a hot tub.  The hot spot in design is living smaller and efficient with new mountain modern design, which deploys greener products, cleaners lines, metal, glass and furnishings mimicking a kind of mountain Mid-century modern style.






Pro Old town living: Everything is close.

Con Old town living:             Everything is close.


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